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The Story of Metro 623 - Oklahoma's Bar and Lounge

Metro 623 is the logical continuation for a family of chefs, entertainers, and providers.  The story of this bar starts next door, at Oklahoma's famous Smoked Out BBQ.  The easily recognizable neon green of Smoked Out BBQ serves as a guiding light for great food and renown service.

Our closest partner, Smoked Out BBQ, provides our clientele with meals that can't be topped.

We come from humble beginnings, from the kitchen of Veola Richardson over 75 years ago.  In order to feed her 10 children, Veola developed a rich flavor through unique wood smoking methods and the freshest local supplies.  Her special blend of seasoning became very popular and can still be found as Richardson's Signature Blend.

Her talent and taste became the foundation of Smoked Out BBQ

For our family of go getters, Oklahoma City was never able to provide us with our vision of what a bar should be.  We created Metro 623 as our attempt to bring together the powerful flavor pioneered by Veola Richardson with the class and comfort of a big city lounge.  

To accomplish this feat, we've integrated the sweet and tangy kitchen with the laid back interior of an classic 1920's New York City subway car.  The delicate lighting, comfy leather, and scrolling New York skyline are mere compliments to the real show:  phenomenal service, strong cocktails, and food that feels like it was just taken off mom's stove.

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